Variant Lending Group provides lending knowledge to best structure your mortgage loan in order to make you look as financially solid as possible to a bank. With over 20 years of experience, Variant Lending Group has thrived in the good and poor economic times by putting the client first. We believe in asking the right questions, providing honest feedback, executing creative ideas, and partnering with excellent lenders. Our processes allow us to get your personalized loan closed quickly, with a low interest rate and low costs.

Variant Lending Group is a DBA of Home Mortgage Alliance Corporation. (Branch NMLS License # 1977530) Corporate NMLS License # 1165808

Welcome to The Boardroom, brought to you by Variant Lending Group.

So what, exactly, is The Boardroom and how will it serve you ? It’s simple: The Boardroom is a personalized service designed to make the “American Dream” a reality for the every-day man and woman; that is, the family or individual who has seen their share of hard times during the economic downturn, that has experienced hardship of a varying manner which has led them to their current financial position. According to the Gallup Economic Confidence Index, Americans’ confidence in the economy has remained to be negative for quite an extended period of time and one of the contributing factors is that the banks are not showing the consumer what it takes to become credit qualified.

Unfortunately, most loan originators who are employees of the bank don’t know what it takes to get a borrower qualified, they can only recite guidelines and regulations; while others don’t want to take the time to show a borrower how to get themselves into a position where they can qualify. The statement most people get is “call me when your credit score is ‘X’.” If it’s that simple then why is it that every year fewer applicants are qualifying for home loan

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The Boardroom is a group of Mortgage and Real Estate Professionals brought together for one sole purpose: to get the primary member into their own house. That primary member… YOU ! Each member of your boardroom is fully aware of the challenges you may be facing, such as a recent short-sale or foreclosure, or credit scores below the required minimum. It is their task to keep YOU on track so that when your time comes YOU will no longer have any more obstacles to impede your progress. The only way to do this is by knowing the ins and outs of mortgage guidelines as well as knowing what it is that builds credit, or destroys it.

All boardroom members are put in their position because they have shown over the course of their career that their concern isn’t only for their personal success but also that of their client. To become a boardroom member a person must not only say they are committed to your success, they must provide written testimonials from clients who have received the best service from this individual. On top of that, Variant Lending makes it a point to constantly monitor all interaction between its boardroom members and you to ensure that you are working with the best and brightest.

Remember, YOU are the most important part of this transaction so be sure to give yourself every opportunity to succeed. The Boardroom is here to help you find the house of your dreams and put you in a position to buy that place and make it your own. Now is the time to act! Now is the time to join The Boardroom.

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